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About the series

Stories of Hope is a free series of wellbeing interviews. They feature people who are living with, or caring for a family member facing illness or disability. We point to the fact that despite any changes in lifestyle or circumstances, our wellbeing is fully available. Within every story is a message of hope. 

Bill and Lisa Giruzzi


Lisa and Bill have been married for 25 years and live in Upstate New York. They bonded over a dream to have their lives make a difference. Little did they know, the challenges they would face when Bill suffered a brain bleed in April 2020 that nearly took his life. 

Dr George Pranksy


Before having a stroke George travelled the world as a psychologist and seminar leader. During his recovery he realised the power of becoming discouragement proof.

Kajal Sheth


30 years ago Kajal gave birth to twins and her daughter, Tanvika, suffered a severe and irreversible brain injury.

She saw her daughter as imperfect, desperately searching for a miraculous cure until an insight completely changed her perspective.

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