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Stories Of Hope

Angelina Hynes

When Angelina’s second child was born, she felt there was something different about her but no one would listen. It was 18 months before Zoe was diagnosed with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome. In this episode of our ’Stories of Hope’ interviews, Angelina speaks very openly about her journey from anger and fear to acceptance and possibility.

Angelina’s experience began to change when she realised she didn’t have to believe her negative thinking. She noticed that her gut instinct had been guiding her throughout and she began to trust herself more. Previously she had seen Zoe and her life as limited. She was always on high alert, controlling her environment to mitigate her fears. As she became more accepting and less controlling new possibilities emerged which allowed Zoe to blossom.

Angelina lives in Ireland with her husband and three children. She gave up her career as a Garda to care for Zoe. She was awarded the prestigious Galway Family Carer of the Year award in 2023. She is a trained life coach and has worked with Family Carers Ireland on a Parents Plus Special Needs Course as a parent co-facilitator. She is available to connect with anyone who would like to be heard.

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