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Community Drop-In Sessions

To watch recordings of our previous Community Drop-In sessions, please click the button below to sign up.

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Attendance is free, however, if you wish to contribute to the Almond Tree CIC's work, you can make a donation here:

Community Drop-In Session

Our next session is on April 17th 2024. To sign up, please enter your details below. Access to the drop-in will be sent via email and you'll automatically join our list of subscribers who receive free access to videos and other materials (you can opt-out at any time).

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Attendance is free, however, if you wish to contribute to the Almond Tree CIC's work, you can make a donation here:


A discussion-based series offering peer support and wellbeing education for people caring for family members living with a disability or illness. A space for people to ask questions, share experiences and connect with each other.



The session will be recorded and will run for an hour on Zoom.


Dates & Times:

Our next session is on April 17th 2024


at 7pm UK/ 2pm ET/ 11am PT 
(click for your local time)


The session format is flexible. Sessions begin with a general welcome and then open up to questions and discussions from the audience.

The session will be recorded and will be available for members to watch via the member area. Privacy will be respected and questions can be asked anonymously if required.


The Almond Tree Foundation CIC is a non-profit social enterprise that provides wellbeing support for families living with illness or disability. A community where parents, spouses, and relatives caring for someone can learn how to access wellbeing through various resources. Almond Trees are known as symbols of hope and renewal. They are amongst the first trees to blossom after winter, signalling spring. A sign of the changing season and hope in times to come.

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About the Speakers

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Linda Pransky

In 2019, Linda Pransky, along with her husband George, ran a full-time Three Principles practice. They travelled around the world and spoke at events and conferences.  That year George had heart bypass surgery and suffered a severe stroke. Life changed overnight. Linda became his caregiver, his primary rehab person, and his cheerleader.  Her life changed 180 degrees.

In the chaos of this change, she found love, gratitude, and hope with newfound strengths and capabilities. Over the past two years George has made a dramatic recovery and together they have found a beautiful new life.


Linda is currently on the executive committee of the Three Principles Global Community, and is a recent faculty member for the One Thought Institute and Partner at Pransky and Associates.


Julian Fraser

When my second child was born not breathing, life immediately turned on its head. In those 10 minutes, with no sign of life, everything changed, and the expectations of a beautiful baby and her future were seemingly taken away. Chasya has grown into a teenager with four limb dystonic cerebral palsy with complex care needs, and my 3rd child also has Autism and ADHD.


The birth experience and what followed felt extremely painful, empty and stressful, with no clear medical solutions providing comfort.


I later came across an understanding of wellbeing that demonstrated the universal nature of wellbeing. It changed my life and has also changed the lives of others in numerous ways. I have spent the last 12 years as a practitioner of this approach. I have been married to Jo for over 20 years, and we have 5 amazing children together and live in London with Henri the labrador. 


Claire Shutes

I was born with Cerebral Palsy, but it has not held me back. I have been married for 18 years and have a daughter. I spent twenty years making observational documentaries for the BBC and CH4, becoming a highly respected producer. After the birth of my daughter, I retrained, and now have an international client base working as a Master Transformative Coach and Three Principles Practitioner. 


My parents did not focus on my limitations but on my potential. My disability has been a tool for personal development and growth. I have travelled the world studying with teachers from many traditions. I understand that despite our thinking to the contrary, we are whole and perfect exactly as we are.

My professional and personal experience helps me to guide people in transforming their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

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