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Stories Of Hope

Rohini Ross

Rohini lives with her husband Angus and their two daughters in Topanga, CA. When they first started dating, Rohini was unfazed by his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Later, when they married and moved to the US, an increase in symptoms caused her to respond in unexpected ways.

In this episode of our ’Stories of Hope’ interviews, Rohini explains how living with the impact of her husband's MS diagnosis lead her to see the importance of self-care and prioritising her own state of mind.

Rohini has a varied background from working and studying as an academic cultural geographer to becoming an international model, then a licensed marriage and family therapist, and now a transformational coach and trainer. She brings the depth and range of her experience to her work and continues to be a life-long student. She is passionate about helping people wake up to their true nature so they can live fully with more peace of mind, inner freedom, and a deeper experience of love in their hearts.

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