Stories Of Hope

Sharyn Di Ubaldo

Sharyn is the mother of two boys. Her eldest son James was born three months prematurely, suffered brain damage at birth and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She lives in Canada with her husband and best friend Chris. In the second of our 'Stories of Hope' interviews, Sharyn speaks very personally about her journey coming to terms with James’s disability.

After James’s diagnosis Sharyn felt like her dream of having a perfect, healthy family was quickly taken away from her and all she could see was a future of struggle and unhappiness. This weighed heavily on her until she came across a revolutionary understanding about the human experience that changed everything.  Sharyn now shares her experience with other parents of children with special needs, in order to show them that a happy and extremely fulfilling life is still possible despite the challenges they may currently be experiencing.

Sharyn is a certified Transformative Coach and was inspired to found From Anxiety to Calm, Inc. to share what has helped her with those suffering from stress and anxiety.

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