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Stories of hope - hopeful stories of people dealing with disability or illness

About the series

Stories of Hope is a free series of wellbeing interviews. They feature people who are living with, or caring for a family member facing illness or disability. We point to the fact that despite any changes in lifestyle or circumstances, our wellbeing is fully available. Within every story is a message of hope. 

Angelina Hynes

woman with sick or disabled child

Angelina sensed there was something different about her daughter but no one would listen. 18 months later Zoe was diagnosed with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome.

Angelina speaks about her journey from fear and anger to acceptance and possibility.

Bill and Lisa Giruzzi

woman with sick or disabled child

Lisa and Bill have been married for 25 years and live in Upstate New York. They bonded over a dream to have their lives make a difference. Little did they know, the challenges they would face when Bill suffered a brain bleed in April 2020 that nearly took his life. 

Marina Galan

woman with sick or disabled child

Marina’s 83 year old mother has emphysema. She talks powerfully about the challenges and privilege of supporting her mother during end of life care.

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