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About the series

Stories of Hope is a free series of wellbeing interviews. They feature people who are living with, or caring for a family member facing illness or disability. We point to the fact that despite any changes in lifestyle or circumstances, our wellbeing is fully available. Within every story is a message of hope. 

Dr George Pranksy


Before having a stroke George travelled the world as a psychologist and seminar leader. During his recovery he realised the power of becoming discouragement proof.

Michael Neill


Michael is married to Nina. They live in Los Angeles and have three children.

In 2015 Nina was diagnosed with breast cancer. Michael speaks very personally about their experience and what it taught him.

Rohini Ross


Rohini lives with her husband Angus and their two daughters in Topanga, CA. When they first started dating, Rohini was unfazed by his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Later, when they married and moved to the US, an increase in symptoms caused her to respond in unexpected ways.

Kajal Sheth


30 years ago Kajal gave birth to twins and her daughter, Tanvika, suffered a severe and irreversible brain injury.

She saw her daughter as imperfect, desperately searching for a miraculous cure until an insight completely changed her perspective.

Gayle Nobel


Gayle has a lifelong connection to autism through her brother and 34 year old son Kyle.

She worried about Kyle’s future until she realised that she knew exactly what to do one step at a time.

Sharyn Di Ubaldo


Sharyn's eldest son James was born three months prematurely, suffered brain damage at birth and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

She soon felt like her dream of having a healthy family was taken away from her but now sees things very differently.

Elsie Spittle


Elsie has experience of both illness and disability with family members and in professional settings.

By looking beyond a person's diagnoses she has connected more deeply to her own essential nature and wellbeing as well as helping others do the same.

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