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Wellbeing support for families living with disability or illness

What We Do

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The Almond Tree Foundation provides wellbeing support and education to carers or anyone living with a disability or illness.

We have created a global community of people with shared experience. We run free-to-access online events, including webinars and drop-in sessions, which offer a safe space for discussion and support.


Where to Start

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New to the Almond Tree? We suggest you begin with our Introductory video followed by our 2 webinar series, Looking Beyond Physical Diagnosis and Let's get Practical. All our programmes and materials are completely free to access.

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Who is the Almond Tree Foundation for?

The Almond Tree Foundation is for anyone who supports a family member, friend or loved one living with illness or disability. Our community is for anyone who may be feeling…


Anxious or Stressed

The impact of supporting someone with a disability or illness can leave you struggling to prioritise your own health or wellbeing due to lack of time. You might feel anxious, stressed or find it difficult to relax. 


Isolated or Alone

It's possible that you might be experiencing a sense of isolation, making it difficult to confide in your loved ones about your emotions. These emotions may include anger, frustration, or guilt, which could further strain your relationships.

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Fearful of the future

There may be moments when you feel apprehensive about what the future holds and constrained by your current situation. It might seem like everything is leading towards a negative outcome, leaving little room for optimism. 

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Feedback from our Community

What members of The Almond Tree Foundation's international community have to say about our recent events...


I appreciated the cheerful, peaceful mood, which lingered in me after the sessions. And knowing that the leaders and participants had been in the trenches, so to speak, lent extra power to their observations


I have been listening to your wonderful series. I love the sense of openness and hope that come through and recommend them everywhere. They have helped so many people, thank you!

disabled-person-public-city-park-wheelchair-having-fun-walking-with-friend (1).jpg

I was moved to tears at times during each session - in a good way! I think because what you were sharing was just so relatable.  It was a huge help to both me and my Mum, who also listened to the recordings. So thank you very much indeed.

How we can help

The Almond Tree Foundation was started by people who have personal experience of living with disability and illness. We have struggled with our wellbeing at times. We understand the impact, challenges and what it takes to keep going every day.


Our aim is to help others who face similar situations flourish despite their circumstances. At the heart of what we share lies a simple understanding about how people experience life that is emerging in psychology, an appreciation of which leads to greater wellbeing and resilience. Feelings of anxiety, fear and overwhelm are replaced by peace of mind and the knowledge that we already have everything we need to thrive in the face of any challenge. ​

This is the potential of what’s on offer for you and your family.

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Rekindle your wellbeing

​Wellbeing is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy and yet can be difficult to access. 

  • But what if wellbeing was always available?

  • What if wellbeing was built in?

  • What if wellbeing was easy to access?

The answers to these questions can change how we relate to our circumstances and the world.

This automatically reconnects us to our in-built wellbeing. 

Something so simple and everyday that it is easily overlooked.


About the Founders

Julian Fraser and Claire Shutes, the founders of the Almond Tree Foundation, have personal experience of living with disability. Collectively they have taught thousands of people (including themselves), how to live with less stress, more resilience and greater connection to wellbeing. Their aim is to share what they teach with a wider community.

The Almond Tree Foundation

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Disabled people make up 10% of the population, around 650 million people*. There are many wonderful organisations that provide support. What makes The Almond Tree Foundation different is our sole focus on wellbeing education.


The Almond Tree Foundation is a non-profit Community Interest Company. Our aim is to create a supportive environment of shared experience. A community where parents, spouses and relatives caring for someone with a disability or illness can learn how to access wellbeing. 


The Almond Tree is a symbol of hope and renewal. It is amongst the first trees to blossom after winter, signalling spring. A sign of the changing season and hope in times to come. It is also known as the awakener, bringing new awareness. In China it symbolises fortitude in sorrow.


We hope you will explore our resources and we look forward to connecting.


*(Source: World Health Organisation)

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